JOHNNY GIOELI (Feat. SEVI) release "Song Of Hope" video to connect with fans during pandemic

MAY 9, 2020


Creation in isolation:  Johnny Gioeli and Sevi

Song of Hope

Johnny Gioeli (Hardline/Crush 40/Axel Rudi Pell) and Bulgarian singing star Sevi premiered a music video at 12pm Eastern time today (SEE BELOW).  The song is a remake of the Crush 40 charity single “Song of Hope.”   The track was originally released in 2011 as a response to the tsunami that hit Japan.  Today Gioeli has re-imagined the song and re-recorded it as a way of connecting with fans during the worldwide pandemic our planet is facing. 

Below is Johnny’s personal message to the fans, explaining why he decided to revive Song of Hope and release it.

As musicians, we’re used to being isolated in a soundproof cave. The Las Vegas effect of no windows, with no concept of time is our “normal”.  What’s not normal is a virus that is taking the lives of so many people.  The news reports numbers and I remind myself that these numbers are the world’s flesh and blood. 

I’ve known music to change lives, motivate, lift, save, and spark memories and more.  Why?  Because it has for me.  Being able to create music is equally as rewarding for me as its effect on those who hear it.  During my quarantine I have thought of so many people…from essential workers, to the families struggling to put food on the table, and people struggling with fear and depression.  I want to help in the only way I know how - through music. 

When the Tsunami in Japan occurred in 2011, Crush 40’s Jun Senoue and I created  “Song of Hope”, a song written for those who just simply needed…hope.  For me, it’s my go-to “lift my sprits” song. I wanted to present it in a new way, so I contacted one of the most talented female rock singers I know – SEVI.  We had planned a video shoot in Sevi’s homeland of Bulgaria in April of 2020, for a duet called “Drowning”.  However, because of the pandemic, it was postponed until later this year.  So I said, “Sevi….fire up your microphone and video camera and let’s get to work for the people!” And so…remembering that music brings life, we bring you hope.  “Song of Hope”.    I wish you all well. 

-Johnny Gioeli 

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