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Keep It Rock with Dunk MacKellar: First Anniversary

So.… Hey! How are you? I'm Dunk MacKellar and I bring you Keep It Rock every Thursday and Sunday on Pure Rock Radio. The show is jam packed with new and classic rock and I like to find some unsigned talent to play you as well. I love to find awesome covers, unplugged versions and now and again I play a wee live number.

This week marked my first year on radio and it was timed perfectly with the release of a bunch of cracking singles including Gallows Circus, Anchor Lane, H.E.A.T and Jeanine Lee. I had a worldwide EXCLUSIVE on the new album by Nottingham band Mortland and I got to play you whatever track I liked! If you missed it or would like to listen again, check out the podcast playlist below. There’s some classics by Judas Priest and Thunder to name a couple and music by Kim Jennett, Burning Rain, Alyxx, Five Finger Death Punch and MORE!!

I also have a fun monthly feature called Relate The Rock which you can find out more about below:

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