Modern hard rockers SAINTVICIOUS drop 2nd video/single "Come & Get Some"

Shortly before the Caronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic hit the world like an atom bomb, rock bands played live in places called clubs or bars, for their fans.

On February 1st, 2020, Saskatoon hard rock band SAINTVICIOUS played a blistering set at the Capitol Music Club in their hometown. With the help of locally renowned photographer/videographer Brian Snell, a live compilation video was put together, to show the high-octane spirit of Saskatchewan rock 'n roll. The clips became the visuals for the band's 2nd video and single "Come & Get Some" (watch below) from their self-titled, independent debut, released on November 29th, 2019.

Mixed and mastered by Josh Wildhorn (Dragged Under, Designer Disguise), the fight song "Come & Get Some" is about going up against your enemies in a all or nothing/winner takes all situation. SAINTVICIOUS - "Come & Get Some" (Official Video):


Madison Erhardt - Vocals

Charlie Barnard - Drums

Dan Mason - Bass

Ryan Kimmerly - Guitar

Robyn Dolezsar - Guitar

Comprised of longtime friends who love heavy music, this Canadian outfit debuted in 2018.The band quickly gained local notoriety with their brash riffs and onstage fury. SAINTVICIOUS is unabashed rock and roll, with all it's bruises and attitude!

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