This Monday (11/16) on Metal Moose Radio, Join the Moose Heads 9am CST / 3pm GMT

Moose Heads, tune in this coming Monday Nov 16th, 9-11am CST, 3-5 pm UK (GMT) on, for your Hard Rock and Metal Injection turning it up to 12, featuring the New Breed, Underground, Unsigned, up and coming Artists making waves with new releases from the likes of: Lost Sacrament, Wail, Within the Ruins, One Still Standing, The Damned, Scarlett O'Hara, Plague Years, Invincible Force, Bakken, Runescarred, Ariel's Attic, Trigon, I, The Ruin, VOTOV, Afraid of Human, Spreading The Disease, Pretty Marc, Bloodhounds, Excelsis Tenebrae, Eoten, AVSLUT, Caster Volor. So tune in and Get you some of this \m/ \m/ As always tune in on,

3-5pm UK


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