Nightwalkers, catch Boy Pain and The House of Pain, Friday 3-6 am MT (10am-1pm BST)

Nightwalkers, tune in this coming Friday (Oct 23rd) on for your Hard Rock and Metal Injection turning it up to 12, 10am-1pm BST. Of course in hour 2 featuring the NBUUCBs making waves from the likes of: The Pleading , Kore Rozzik KVÖL Trials By Faith @TokyoBeef Malice213 Democratus REBEL RIOT Blackened Halo Axxios The Heretic Order Trigon

So tune in and Get you some of this \m/ \m/

As always tune in,

10am-1pm BST (GMT +1)

3am-6am Mt

#hardrock #heavymetal #purerockradio #undergroundscene #unsignedartists #upandcoming


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