• Emily

(Podcast) Emily's Rock Show (08/30 + 09/01)

On this week's Emily's Rock Show I played some rocking tunes.


This week I went a little bit new school.

💚💜🖤❤️🤘😈🤘❤️🖤💜💚 The Classic - Queen, UFO, RUSH, Scorpions. The Modern - Slash, Shinedown, Metallica, In This Moment. The new/Women In Rock - Hell's Addiction, The Picturebooks, Those Damn Crows, Smash Into Pieces, Chaoseum, Stroking Breeze, The Fall of Eve, We lost track, Tomorrow Is Lost, Eva Under Fire, Sister Shotgun, Bad Wolves, Death and Taxes Band, Unknown Refuge, South Of Salem, Devilfire, Killers & Kings, Mason Hill, Hollowstar. And much more.

Enjoy the party!


If you wish to contact me all information can be found on or


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