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(Podcast) Gator's Rockapocalypse Dec 25 Show. Gator Clause brings Queensryche, Jinjer & More

Another fun filled show with some great tunes brought to you by Gator Clause on Gator's Rockapocalypse. HO HO HO! Later on in the show, a threat by our very own Rich Embury threatening a hostile take-over of my show and play Stryper songs without my knowledge. Context: I do not like, listen to or will ever play Stryper on any of my shows. lol

Never forget that I'm LIVE and UNCENSORED every Wednesday 6-8pm EST and again on Friday from 10pm to 12am EST. If you have any questions or requests, join us in chat or check out for all of my contact info. Love you all.

See you all next week and be excellent to each other

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Dangerous Toys - Here Comes Trouble

Queensryche - One Foot In Hell

Jinjer - Just Another

Black Sabbath - Die Young

Trixter - Tattoos & Misery

Ratt - Slip Of The Lip

Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil

Anvil - Fuel For The Fire

Cinderella - Blood From A Stone

Britnyt Fox - Girlschool

Bulletboys - When Pigs Fly

Anthrax - Death From Above

Scorpions - Turn You On

Helix - When The Hammer Falls

W.A.S.P - Live To Die Another Day

Krokus - Hot Stuff

KIX - Love Me With Your Top Down

Shotgun Messiah - Sex

Sven Gali - Real Thing

Steel Panther - Fucking My Heart In The Ass

Steelheart - Got Me Runnin'

Talisman - Lightning Strikes

Warrant - Undertow

Within Temptation - Tell Me Why

Europe - Riches To Rags

Van Halen - Poundcake

The Cult - Ashes To Ghosts

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