(Podcast) Gator's Rockapocalypse Jan 6 Show.. Kick Ass Tunes! Let's ROCK!

Updated: Jan 12

Show #2 of 2021! Had some rocking tunes on tonight's show. Rockin' out with all the listeners in and not in chat. If you missed this week's live show, you can listen to it here, but try your best to make it for the live show. LIVE is always the best and much more fun. :)

Never forget that I'm LIVE and UNCENSORED every Wednesday 6-8pm EST and again on Friday from 10pm to 12am EST. If you have any questions or requests, join us in chat or check out for all of my contact info. Love you all.

See you all next week and be excellent to each other. Love you all.

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Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie

Slaughter - Killin' Time

Def Leppard - Action! Not words

Dynazty - The Black

Amaranthe - Adrenaline

Armored Saint - My Jurisdiction

Dangerous Toys - Gimme' No Lip

Extreme - Hip Today

KIX - Mean Miss Adventure

Motley Crue - Same Ol' Situation

Within Temptation - Endless War

Tesla - In A Hole Again

Trixter - Physical Attraction

Queensryche - Spreading The Disease

Warrant - Followed

Winger - Feeding Frenzy

Iron Maiden - Flash Of The Blade

W.A.S.P. - Hallowed Ground

Van Halen - Fire In The Hole

The Cult - Full Tilt

Skid Row - Wasted Time

Eden's Curse - Rock Bottom

The Black Crowes - Hard To Handle

L.A. Guns - Ressurection

Southgang - Shoot Me Down

Alice In Chains - Phantom Limb

Candlebox - How Does It Feel

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