(Podcast) Gator's Rockapocalypse May 19 - Europe, Southgang, Bona Lisa, Bad Dog Bad, HRZ + more!

Show #57: Another rocking Gator's Rockapocalypse Wednesday show! Tonight we started off the show with 3 independant artists. One of which, HRZ, is dropping an EP on Friday May 21 , TODAY, with 5 tracks. Played one of the tracks on this show.. You may have missed the show, but I have it right here for you to listen too and enjoy. :) Hope you enjoy the show and try your best to tune in and come in to the chat room .

Never forget that I'm LIVE and UNCENSORED twice a week - Wednesday 6-8pm EST and again on Friday from 10pm to 12am EST. If you have any questions or requests, join us in chat or check out for all of my contact info. Love you all.

See you all next week and be excellent to each other. Love you all.

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Europe - The Final Countdown

Southgang - Boys Nite Out

Bona Lisa - I Want Out

Bad Dog Bad - I Don't Give a Damn!!

HRZ - Never Found

Yngwie Malmsteen - Wolves At The Door

Asphalt Ballet - End Of My Rope

Tesla - Lazy Days, Crazy Nights

Motley Crue - Ten Seconds To Love

Firehouse - Two Sides

Slaughter - Spend My Life

Slik Toxik - Helluvatime

Winger - Blind Revolution Mad

The Cult - Bad Fun

Journey - Lay It Down

Trixter - Line Of Fire

Danger Danger - Beat The Bullet

Extreme - Pornografitti

KIX - Rock & Roll Showdown

Tuff - What Comes Around Goes Around

Faster Pussycat - Porn Star

Def Leppard - The Golden Age Of Rock 'N Roll

Lee Aaron - Hands Off The Merchandise

Poison - Tearin' Down The Walls

Steel Dragon - Long Live Rock 'N Roll

Sleeze Beeze - Tell It To The Judge

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