(Podcast) Mostly New S#*t! (Feb-Jun) / Rich Embury's R3TROGRAD3 [Mar 3]

Rich Embury brings on the floodgates of NEW hard rock and heavy metal…both kinds of music!

Mostly NEW Music from Annisokay, Archetypes Collide, Arion, Black Tar Superstar, Cannon Hill, Einherjer, Epica, Evergrey, Evil Drive, Firing at the Sky, First to Eleven (Feat. Ten Second Songs), Frozen Crown, Hedra, Hootenanny Freaks, Icon Of Sin, Infinite Sin, Lamb Of God, Metalite, Mick Blankenship, Nervosa, No Resolve, Overdrivers, Reckless Velvet (Feat. Twizm Whyte Piece), Robin McAuley, Rock me Amadeus (Feat. Dee Snider), Ronnie Atkins, Sabaton, Sacred Oath, Seventh Crystal, Smith/Kotzen, Sunbomb (Feat. Tracii Guns & Michael Sweet), Suzi Quatro, The Dev, The Diamond Light, The End Machine, The Offspring, Thundermother, Todd La Torre (Queensryche), Veil Of Maya, Vexed, Bona Lisa, Bedrokk, and more!

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  1. The Diamond Light - 3 Days

  2. The Offspring - Let the Bad Times Roll

  3. Motley Crue - Beauty

  4. Robin McAuley - Standing on the Edge

  5. Thundermother - Into the Mud

  6. Archetypes Collide - Your Misery

  7. Epica - The Skeleton Key

  8. Hootenanny Freaks - Girl On Fire

  9. Lizzy Borden - (This Ain't) the Summer of Love

  10. Suzi Quatro - The Devil in Me

  11. Scorpions - Make It Real

  12. Arion - In the Name of Love (Feat. Cyan Kicks)

  13. Annisokay - Like a Parasite

  14. Bedrokk - Angels or Demons

  15. Evergrey - The Beholder (Feat. James LaBrie)

  16. Reckless Velvet (Feat. Twizm Whyte Piece) - I Don't Care

  17. Frozen Crown - Far Beyond

  18. Bona Lisa - No Justice

  19. The Dev - Shameless Life

  20. Lamb of God - Ghost Shaped People

  21. Ghost - Kiss the Go-Goat

  22. Smashed Gladys - Legs Up

  23. Scorpions - Blackout

  24. Grim Reaper - Liar

  25. Mick Blankenship - Cult of Personality

  26. Black Tar Superstar - Hand of Doom

  27. Rock Me Amadeus - Love Hurts Uninvited (Feat. Dee Snider, Kia Warren, Chloe Lowery, Tony Bruno & Mairead Nesbitt)

  28. Two Minutes to Late Night - Mouth For War (Feat. Lzzy Hale, Reba Meyers, Gina Gleason, Madi Watkins, Ben Koller & Jordan Olds)

  29. First to Eleven - Dream On (Feat. Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs)

  30. Miley Cyrus - Head Like a Hole

  31. No Remorse - Set Fire to the Rain

  32. The End Machine - Blood and Money

  33. Metalite - Cloud Connected

  34. Infinite Sin - Temple of Darkness

  35. Cannon Hill - Hate

  36. Ronnie Atkins - Scorpio

  37. Sabaton - Livgardet

  38. Firing at the Sky - Dreamfirst

  39. Todd La Torre - Hellbound and Down

  40. Veil of Maya - Viscera

  41. W.A.S.P. - B.A.D.

  42. Overdrivers - High Mountain

  43. Evil Drive - We Are One

  44. Sunbomb - No Tomorrows (Feat. Tracii Guns & Michael Sweet)

  45. Sacred Oath - Cthulhu Wakes

  46. Icon Of Sin - Icon Of Sin

  47. Vexed - Hideous

  48. Seventh Crystal - Say What You Need to Say

  49. Hedra - Broken Bones

  50. Einherjer - West Coast Groove

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