(Podcast) New Metallic Wonderland / Rich Embury’s R3TR0GRAD3 (Feb 10/12)

🧑‍🚀🔞 This week on Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3, a NEW metallic wonderland of mostly Brand NEW hard rock and heavy metal, from Cannibal Corpse, Temple Balls, Amorphis, Angelus Apatrida, Arion, Asphyx, BAEST, Bedrokk, Bloodbound, Capra, Cryptosis, Einherjer, Ektomorf, ERRA, Evergrey, Evile, Ghost Iris, Heart Healer, Icon Of Sin, Labyrinth, Metalite, Minefield, MotorJesus, Orden Ogan, Orbit Culture, Summoning The Lich, Tetrarch, The Metal Byrds, Tomahawk, Trial (SWE), Vola, Electric Boys, Sweet Oblivion, Infinite Sin, and more!

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  1. Metalite - A Virtual World

  2. Sweet Oblivion (Feat. Geoff Tate) - Strong Pressure

  3. Labyrinth - Sleepwalker

  4. Evergrey - Where August Mourn

  5. MotorJesus - Dead Rising

  6. Electric Boys - Super God

  7. Temple Balls - Thunder from the North

  8. Asphyx - The Nameless Elite

  9. Angelus Apatrida - We Stand Alone

  10. Minefield - Seventh Heaven

  11. ERRA - Divisionary

  12. Icon Of Sin - Shadow Dancer

  13. Metal Reels - Spin The Wheel (Feat. Biff Byford, Eric Peterson, Cecillia Nappo, Hannes Van Dahl & Jay Jay French)

  14. Arion - Bloodline (Feat. Noora Louhimo)

  15. Einherjer - The Blood and the Iron

  16. Bedrokk - Angels or Demons

  17. The Treatment - Rat Race

  18. Amorphis - Brother and Sister

  19. Brass Against - Fourty Six & 2 (Feat. Sophia Urista)

  20. Queensryche - Heaven on Thier Minds

  21. Anthrax - Ball of Confusion

  22. Kandia - My Sharona

  23. Kickhunter - Call Me

  24. Sabastian Bach - Rock Bottom

  25. Tetrarch - You Never Listen

  26. The Metal Byrds - Impossible (remixed)

  27. Trial - Sisters of the Moon

  28. Cannibal Corpse - Inhumane Harvest

  29. Capra - the Locust Preacher

  30. Evile - Hell Unleashed

  31. Tomahawk - Business Casual

  32. Heart Healer - Into The Unknown (Feat. Noora Louhimo)

  33. Infinite Sin - War March

  34. W.A.S.P. - K.F.D.

  35. Orden Ogan - Inferno

  36. Ghost Iris - Paper Tiger

  37. Trailer Park Boys - The Kittyman Sea Shanty

  38. Bloodbound - When Fate is Calling

  39. Orbit Culture - Mute the Silent

  40. Summoning the Lich - The Nightmare begins

  41. Vola - Straight Lines

  42. BAEST - Meathook Massacre

  43. Ektomorf - Smashing the Past

  44. Cryptosis - Transcendence

  45. DragonForce - Razorblade Meltdown

  46. Stephen Pearcy - Night Flight

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