(Podcast) Rich Embury’s R3TR0GRAD3: This Week… & Blind Perception

Back with another themed edition of Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3! This time, Rich plays music from albums, released This Week In Rock History, and there are a lot! Tons of KISS albums dropped this week in history, like ‘Lick It Up,’ Asylum,’ ‘Crazy Nights,’ and the four Solo Albums! We’ll hear tunes from all (except Peter’s solo). Also albums from Kix, Fight, Motorhead, King Diamond, Scorpions, Twisted Sister, Triumph, Megadeth, Lizzy Borden, Anthrax, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Dokken, Down, Bon Jovi, and a two album releases from Guns N’ Roses the same day, this week in rock history.

The Demolition Spotlight🚨 features bluesy hard rockers Blind Perception. Also the regular segments Take Cover💥 featuring bands doing other bands, and the Weekly Sting🐝 featuring a random W.A.S.P. song from their massive catalogue! The Women of rock and metal are featured as always in the newly renamed segment W.O.W. – Women On Wax🚺! This time, ALL the bands are 100% Female, which includes Ivy Crown, Level C, Nobro, Lovebites, The Agony and Ice Age! As always, Requests and so much more! This edition of Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 originally aired LIVE on Pure Rock Radio, September 16th, 2020 (replayed on September 18th, 2020).


  1. KISS - Exciter

  2. Psychostick - NSFW - Requested

  3. The Great Kat - Beethoven's Eroica Symphony for Guitar and Symphony

  4. Song Of Anhubis - Teratos

  5. Kix - Get It While It's Hot

  6. Ratt - Breakout

  7. Fight - Contortion

  8. Paul Stanley - Wouldn't You Like To Know Me?

  9. Motorhead - Killed By Death

  10. The Hangmen - Rotten Sunday

  11. King Diamond - Bye, Bye, Missy

  12. Scorpions - In Trance

  13. Guns N' Roses - November Rain

  14. Guns N' Roses - Pretty Tied Up

  15. Children Of Bodom - Everytime I Die - Requested

  16. Foreigner - Hot Blooded - Requested

  17. Savatage - 24 Hours Ago - Requested

  18. Obituary - Splattered - Requested

  19. Iron Maiden - Women In Uniform - Take Cover

  20. Poison - You Don't Mess Around With Jim - Take Cover

  21. Ronnie James Dio - Welcome To My Nightmare - Take Cover

  22. Motley Crue - Like a Virgin - Take Cover

  23. KISS - Radar For Love

  24. Twisted Sister - Shoot 'Em Down

  25. Triumph - Fight The Good Fight

  26. Megadeth - Peace Sells

  27. Ace Frehley - Rip It Out

  28. Lizzy Borden - Shock

  29. Anthrax - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

  30. W.A.S.P. - High on the Flames - Weekly Sting

  31. Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Tinkertrain

  32. Black Sabbath - War Pigs

  33. KISS - When Your Walls Come Down

  34. Blind Perception - I Live Alone - DEMOLITION SPOTLIGHT

  35. Dokken - Nightrider

  36. Down - Stone The Crow

  37. Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine

  38. Ivy Crown - Not Who We Are - Women On Wax

  39. Level C - Suck a Fist - Women On Wax

  40. Nobro - Don't Wanna Talk About It - Women On Wax

  41. Lovebites - The Crusade - Women On Wax

  42. The Agony - Give It To Me - Women On Wax

  43. Ice Age - Instant Justice - Women On Wax

  44. Gene Simmons - Radioactive

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