(Podcast) The Strong & The Independent - Rich Embury's R3TROGRAD3

🔞This week on Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3, we delve into the “rich” and healthy INDEPENDENT hard rock and heavy metal scene! Hear a huge collection of indie and non-mainstream tracks from Juliet Ruin, Reality Suite, Bona Lisa, Infinite Sin, Blind Perception, The Metal Byrds, Changing Tymz, Bedrokk, Firing at the Sky, Dead Ritual, Bleed, Savior of Death, Honey Bone Rush, Promethium, Hedra, AxMinister, Given By the Flames, Rough ‘N’ Rude, Super Monster Party and more!

Also, the usual segments “Take Cover,” “Women On Wax,” and “Weekly Sting!” Plus Live and advanced Requests, peppered with some more familiar tunes as well! It’s 4 solid hours of “Everything that Rocks!” So don’t miss out! This edition of Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 originally aired LIVE on Pure Rock Radio, January 6th, 2021 (replayed on January 8th, 2021).


  1. Jack Slamer - Brother

  2. Iron Maiden - Deja Vu

  3. Super Monster Party - Another Castle

  4. Mob Machine - Beyond the Second Sun

  5. Odin's Revenge - Bullet

  6. Sven Gali - Now

  7. Tense Machine - Best Mistake

  8. The Jailbirds - Watery Grave

  9. Aerosmith - No More No More

  10. Wide Mouth Mason - My Mistake

  11. Corey Feldman - Rockin' Revolution

  12. Changing Tymz - Stand Up

  13. Infinite Sin - Crucified

  14. Firing At The Sky - Blood From The Stone

  15. TNT - Intuition

  16. The Metal Byrds - Ganges

  17. Ratt - Top Secret

  18. Bedrokk - No Time To Lose (Feat. Phil Naro)

  19. Byzantine - Moving In Stereo - Take Cover💥

  20. The Dirty Youth - Cry Little Sister - Take Cover💥

  21. Enuff Z'nuff - When Doves Cry - Take Cover💥

  22. Doro - Egypt (The Chains Are On) - Take Cover💥

  23. Bona Lisa - Run For Your Life

  24. Grim Reaper - Rock You to Hell - Requested

  25. Given By The Flames - Bring Me back

  26. AC/DC - Witches Spell - Requested

  27. Blind Perception - The Struggle

  28. Honey Bone Rush - Hate (Feat. Cam Bower & Alex W.)

  29. Rough 'N' Rude - Love You Like Cosby

  30. Judas Priest - You Say Yes

  31. AxMinister - The Succubus and the Crucible of Sin

  32. W.A.S.P. - Babylon's Burning - Weekly Sting 🐝

  33. Hedra - Are You With Me?

  34. Victory - Don't Tell No Lies - Requested

  35. Accept - Too Mean To Die - Requested

  36. Dead Ritual - Prescription

  37. L.A. Guns - Killing Machine

  38. Bleed - Burn Serpent

  39. Asylum Pyre -Sex, Drugs and Scars - Women On Wax 🚺

  40. Reality Suite - Triggers - Women On Wax 🚺

  41. Within Temptation - Sinead - Women On Wax 🚺

  42. Juliet Ruin - Dark Water (Feat. Diego Fernandez) - Women On Wax 🚺

  43. Arch Enemy - War Eternal - Women On Wax 🚺

  44. Savior Of Death - Before You Die

  45. Promethium - Visions

  46. Children Of Bodom - Needled 24/7

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