Prog-Metal Band VIKRAM Presents New Video "Requiem For Salem"

Brazilian progressive metal band VIKRAM have unleashed the new Video 'Requiem for Salem', taken from the forthcoming debut album "Behind The Mask - Part I" to be released on October 25, 2019 via Rockshots Records.

'Requiem for Salem' is an epic dark song with neoclassical influences about the persecution of inquisition against witches and witchcraft, which led to many senseless and brutal killings.

The album "Behind The Mask - Part I" is about the story of Natan Frost, born in Salem, whose mother was murdered by the inquisition. In his thirst for revenge, Natan was cursed with immortality by a mysterious mask. "Requiem For Salem" (Official Music Video):

With influences that range from progressive metal to folk and ethnic, their music can be described as 'Oriental Progressive Metal'. The project is idealized by Tiago Della Vega, known for the Guinness Book title of world's fastest guitarist and his appearances on some tv shows all over the world.   

"Behind The Mask - Part I" is available for pre-order here:


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VIKRAM comes up with some unique elements in the metal scene: speed and technique allied with musical and cultural elements of eastern civilizations. VIKRAM means wise, brave, strong, victorious in Sanskrit language. Their music blends modern and progressive metal influences, epic movie scores, rhythms, harmonies and all kind of ethnic musical elements from cultures like Persian, Egyptian, Gypsy, Arab, Hindu and etc. "Behind The Mask I" is a concept album, the first part of a trilogy, whose story is based on Nathaniel Frost’s  life and his travels through several eastern countries in a journey of self-knowledge. Each song tells the story of what Nathaniel faced and discovered in each culture.

'Behind The Mask' trilogy is a multimedia project, a journey through different types of art, such as literature, music, games, dance, etc. In addition to the album, you will be able to experience the books with the complete of the story, a game, a documentary, a musical, songbooks, video playthroughs, videoclips and of course the band world tour.

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