(Podcast) Rich Embury’s R3TR0GRAD3: NEW + COMING SOON Rock & Metal!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Back by popular demand, its another NEW + COMING SOON rock & metal edition of Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3! Get your pens and notepads ready, its time to get introduced to some brand new music for your collections!

All newly released or soon to be released pure rock and metal from Pop Evil, Powerman 5000, Shotgun Mistress, Vandenberg, Caligula’s Horse, Anarcheon, The Exiled Martyr, Breaking the Silent, Hellz, Tommy Lee (Feat.Killvein), Black Rose Maze, Alestorm, Tokyo Motor Fist, David Reece, PORN (remixed by Orgy), Soilwork, Detherous (Feat. Chris Monroy of Skeletal Remains), Stench Of Death, BPMD, Feuerschwanz (Feat. Melissa Bonny), Lords Of Black, Rumahoy, Carmilla, Chris Steven, Milan Polak (Feat. Ron “Bumbelfoot” Thal, Billy Sheehan, Derek Shirinian & Kyle Hughes), Black Swamp Water, Autograph, BADGUYSWIN, From Ashes To New, [Evertyrapped], Cypher16, Sangvis, Hanna Barakat, Sven Gali and Junkowl! Plus, Metal Coffee Promotions "Band of the Month" (June) SARKOPTIC! This edition of Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 originally aired LIVE on Pure Rock Radio, June 10th, 2020 (replayed on June 12th & 19th 2020).


  1. Pop Evil - Let The Chaos Begin

  2. Powerman 5000 - Black Lipstick

  3. Shotgun Mistress - Save Me From Myself

  4. Vandenberg - Light Up The Sky

  5. Caligula's Horse - Oceanrise

  6. Anarcheon - Headless Horseman

  7. The Exiled Martyr - Novem Finem

  8. Breaking The Silent - Thou Shall Rise

  9. Hellz - Bitch Ran Away

  10. Tommy Lee - Knock Me Down (Feat. Killvein)

  11. Black Rose Maze - In The Dark

  12. Alestorm - Shit Boat (No Fans)

  13. Tokyo Motor Fist - Around Midnight

  14. David Reece - Judgement Day

  15. PORN - High Summer Sun (Orgy Remix)

  16. Soilwork - Death Diviner

  17. Detherous - The Saw (Feat. Chris Monroy of Skeletal Remains)

  18. Stench Of Death - Grotesque Procession

  19. Sarkoptic - Beastmode: Engage - METAL COFFEE PR "Band of the Month" (June)

  20. BPMD - We're An American Band - Take Cover 1

  21. Feuerschwanz - Ding (Feat. Melissa Bonny) - Take Cover 2

  22. Lords Of Black - Rainbow Eyes (Tribute to Ronnie James Dio) - Take Cover 3

  23. Rumahoy - Children of the Sea

  24. Carmilla - Surrender or Die

  25. Chris Steven - Hell to Pay

  26. Milan Polak - The Future is Now (Feat. Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Billy Sheehan, Derek Sherinian & Kyle Hughes)

  27. Black Swamp Water - Showdown

  28. Autograph - Souls On Fire

  29. BADGUYSWIN - Honey Bucket

  30. From Ashes To New - What I Get

  31. [Evertrapped] - The Last Extinction

  32. Cypher16 - Break

  33. Sangvis - Femme Fatale

  34. Hanna Barakat - In The Night

  35. Sven Gali - Now

  36. Junkowl - Quarantine Us All

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