(Podcast) Rich Embury’s R3TR0GRAD3: New & Upcoming Rock & Metal Releases!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Rich Embury returns with another NEW MUSIC edition! Featuring Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from New and Upcoming releases!

Recently released or coming soon tracks from Testament, Demise Of The Crown, Imonolith, Tokyo Motor Fist, Scorpions, House Of Lords, Canedy, Changing Tymz, Amongst Liars, Killitorous, Black Pestilence, Firing At The Sky, Yarbo, Hookers & Blow, Clutch, Shortino, Deep Purple, Sven Gali, Fractures and Outlines, Fear The Leader, Circus Of Power, Jordan Red, King Bull and many more!! A Covid-19 “Artist Initiative” called Hear N’ Now. Also “Take Cover” with Passion, Ron Keel Band and Ellefson, and BOTH new L.A. Guns (Steve Riley Vs. Tracii Guns/Phil Lewis versions of the band) songs go head-to-head. Which one do you like best? Plus chat room Requests for “not so new” tracks to close the show from Rammstein, Kyuss and Sven Gali from Victor, RockWiz and Gator! Don’t miss out on this chance to discover brand new music for your collection!! This edition of Rich Embury’s R3TROGRAD3 originally aired LIVE on Pure Rock Radio, May 13th, 2020 and replayed May 15th, 2020.


  1. Testament - False Prophet

  2. Demise of the Crown - the Immortal

  3. Imonolith - Instinct

  4. Tokyo Motor Fist - Youngblood

  5. Scorpions - Sign Of Hope

  6. House Of Lords - Chemical Rush

  7. Canedy - Warrior

  8. Firewind - Rising Fire

  9. Changing Tymz - Blinded

  10. Amongst Liars - Wolf Machine

  11. Devilfire - Chasing the Pain (Feat. Eric Dover)

  12. American Terror - She's a Bitch

  13. Killitorous - Married With Children

  14. Black Pestilence - Hail The Flesh

  15. Cipher - No Going Back

  16. Firing At The Sky - Stomper

  17. Yarbo - You Should Know

  18. Hookers & Blow - Shakin'

  19. Shining Black - Just Another Day

  20. Hear N' Now (The Artists Initiative) - No Road To Ruin

  21. Passion - Loving You Is A Dirty Job

  22. Ron Keel Band - Train, Train

  23. Ellefson - Over Now

  24. Clutch - behold The Colossus

  25. Shortino - Rise Up and Be Stong (Feat. Phil Soussan & Carlos Cavazo)

  26. Deep Purple - Man Alive

  27. L.A. Guns (w/ Steve Riley) - Crawl

  28. L.A. Guns (w/ Tracii Guns/Phil Lewis) - Let You Down

  29. Sven Gali - Now

  30. Electric Boys - Lion's Roar

  31. Chris Steven - Hell To pay

  32. Fractures and Outlines - Kerosene (Feat. Jericho Spencer-Champagne)

  33. Chugger - Flatline

  34. Fear The leader - Take me Down

  35. Ocean Hills - A Separate Peace

  36. Circus Of Power - Strange Times

  37. Jordan Red - Don't Let The Heavens Fall

  38. Velvet Insane - A Brand New Start (Feat. Bruce Kulick)

  39. Breaking The Silent - Thou Shall Rise

  40. Cypher16 - Break

  41. Axel Rudi Pell - Bad Reputation

  42. King Bull - Pay Attention

  43. Bad Actress - High Speed Heartbreak

  44. Rammstein - Du Hast (Clawfinger Remix)

  45. Kyuss - Green Machine

  46. Sven Gali - Under The Influence

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