Rock Solid Pressure: Deadly Metal Debuts!

It’s another scathing edition of Rock Solid Pressure. lots to talk about! Namely, all the world’s shaking events. We hate to get political, but we’ll be spewing forth a venomous dose of reality from an ‘independent‘ point of view. But the main focus is always NEW music!! We’re gonna seriously distract your overloaded thought process with deadly debuts from Bleed From Within, Sorcerer, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins, American Terror, Alligator Blood, From The Ruins, Kanawha, Book Of The Dead, Cruel Curses and Horisont. Also a tribute to our good friend, the late great Bob Kulick! So join us in the Dungeon and take some lashings!! You’ll feel much better after a little Bloodletting!! We’ll have the torches lit for ya! This episode of Rock Solid Pressure originally aired on Pure Rock Radio June 8th, 2020.

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