Rock Solid Pressure: Fierce Lashings & Deadly Debuts!

Updated: May 8, 2020

Prepare yourself for some fierce lashings of raging metal and dark dirges! Yeah, we’re gonna smash some bones in the ‘Ol Dungeon with all new, deadly debuts, from Cirith Ungol, Naglfar, Bleed From Within, Ravenscroft, Book of the Dead, Carneficina, Eternal Delyria, Waste Down Rebels, Demonhead, Horisont and more. We’ll all feel better after a little bloodletting, so come shelter in place with us for a wild ride on the rack! We’ll have the torches lit for ya! This episode of Rock Solid Pressure originally aired on Pure Rock Radio May 4th, 2020.


  1. Naglfar - Cerecloth

  2. Book Of The Dead - Bound In Flesh Inked In Blood

  3. Bleed From Within - Fall Away

  4. Carneficina - Somniphobic

  5. Ravenscroft - Vengeance Is Mine

  6. Eternal Delyria - Dying To Live

  7. Cirith Ungol - Fractus Promissum

  8. Demonhead - Children Of The Night

  9. Waste Down Rebels - Filthy Addiction

  10. Horisont - Reign Of Madness

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