Rock Solid Pressure: Kill Covid-19 Special

Its the ‘Kill Covid-19 Special’ this week on Rock Solid Pressure. Just doing our part to ease the stress of isolation in these strange times. But don’t expect any kumbaya moments or teary group hugs. That’s not us! We’re going to rage against Covid-19 with face blasting METAL! So while you’re ‘locked down’ and need a diversion to this madness, lock yourself in the Dungeon with us and we’ll contaminate you with all NEW tracks from Sepultura, Kirk Windstein, Anvil, Huntsmen, Art Of Shock, Return Fire, They Might Be Zombies, Mental Disaster, Thrash Bandicoot and more!! You’ll feel much better after a little bloodletting, so join us on the rack and we’ll all rage together!! We’ll have the torches lit for ya!! This episode of Rock Solid Pressure originally aired on Pure Rock Radio March 30th, 2020.


  1. Mental Disaster - Sapiens So Pure

  2. Return Fire - Massive Collapse

  3. Art Of Shock - Dark Angeles

  4. Thrash Bandicoot - Trapped Society

  5. They Might Be Zombies - They Might Be Zombies

  6. Sepultura - Isolation

  7. Kirk Windstein - The World You Know

  8. Anvil - Gasoline

  9. Huntsmen - Awake At Times End


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