Rock Solid Pressure: Ladies Night

It’s a special ‘LADIES NIGHT‘ episode on Rock Solid Pressure. The entire Pressure Playlist will be allFemale-Fronted Fury‘, and the claws are comin’ out. These Deadly Dames of Metal are gonna shake the Dungeon walls to it’s foundation, so brave the darkness and take some lashings! All New (and semi-New) tracks from 5Rand, Magg Dylan, Frantic Amber, Psykotribe, Holy Dragons, Dissidence, Ozymandias, Secret Rule, Devilskin and more!! We’ll also be talking about upcoming concerts, The Industry Showcase 2020, and oh yeah Horror Movies! So join us on the rack for a deadly dose of GIRL POWER!! We’ll have the torches lit for ya! Darkness Falls On Reno! This episode of Rock Solid Pressure originally aired on Pure Rock Radio February 24th, 2020.


  1. 5Rand - Embrace The Fury

  2. Psykotribe - Live Evil

  3. Frantic Amber - Hunted

  4. Dissidence - Praying For Daylight

  5. Secret Rule - Shades Of Humanity

  6. Magg Dylan - Rare Breed

  7. Holy Dragons - Three Greatest Pigs

  8. Ozymandias - Disenchanted

  9. Devilskin - Corrode

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