Rock Solid Pressure: Shakin the Dungeon Walls!

It’s another wicked edition of Rock Solid Pressure! Revived, reanimated and ready to lash the hell outta ya! Lots to talk about. Plus they’ll shake the Dungeon walls with all NEW tracks from Beneath The Massacre, Mental Disaster, Ascend The Hollow, Kill Ritual, Kanawha, Sorcia, Obsidian Tide, Phlephonyaar, Thrash Bandicoot and more!! Join J-Rock and Patty on the rack for an ungodly night of despair and discovery. There will be blood, but hey, you’ll learn stuff!! We’ll have the torches lit for ya, as darkness falls on Reno!! This episode of Rock Solid Pressure originally aired on Pure Rock Radio March 9th, 2020.


  1. Ascend The Hollow - Swarms Within

  2. Beneath The Massacre - Rise Of The Fearmonger

  3. Mental Disaster - Berserker Rage Unfold

  4. Thrash Bandicoot - Milwaukee Cannibal

  5. Kill Ritual - Rest In Pain

  6. Obsidian Tide - The Harbinger

  7. Phlefonyaar - Screams Of A Bleeding Child Carry Gods

  8. Kanawha - Disruption

  9. Sorcia - Nowhere But Up


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