Spontanius Rock: Enemy Awake, Vasilii Fadin + Magnus Rosén

Welcome to the debut podcast for Spontanius Rock on Pure Rock Radio. On this episode, Jenkert is joined live from Sweden by metal duo Enemy Awake (Formerly Enemy Inside), plus singer/songwriter Vasilii Fadin of Anything Helps, and Magnus Rosén (Hammerfall, Avalanche, Shadowside etc.). Music from Ban Bianca, Collide, Emma Varg, Jagg, Judas Priest, Justicide, KRÄK, Lion’s Share, Metallica and Torqued! This episode of Spontanius Rock originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio April 28th, 2020.


  1. Ban Bianca - Among Thieves

  2. Collide - Red Wine Tango

  3. Emma Varg - Surrender

  4. Jagg - Far Away

  5. Judas Priest - Living After Midnight

  6. Judas Priest - United

  7. Justicide - She's A Stranger

  8. KRÄK - Krank

  9. Lion's Share - Phantom Rider

  10. Metallica - Sad But True

  11. Torqued - Forgotten Soul

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