SUZI QUATRO documentary "Suzi Q" feat. Debby Harry, Alice Cooper etc. coming July 1st!

SUZI Q is the definitive, unexpurgated story of the girl from Detroit City who redefined the role and image of women in rock ’n’ roll, when she broke through around the world in 1973. Singer, songwriter, bass player, author, actress, radio presenter, poet, still touring and recording music – there is only one Suzi Q.

From Australian filmmakers Liam Firmager and Tait Brady, SUZI Q positions Quatro as the trailblazer and inspiration for a generation of women who were to follow after her in the next decade, but whose trailblazing status was not sufficiently recognized by the music industry and contemporary audiences, especially in North America. SUZI Q reminds contemporary audiences of her pioneering influence, white-hot talent and string of incandescent rock hits, like "Can The Can," "48 Crash" and "Daytona Demon" that were the vehicle for her explosion of gender stereotypes in rock n roll, rewriting the rule book for the expected image of women in rock music and reaching millions of people worldwide in the process. 

With theaters closed, Utopia Distribution will host a SUZI Q virtual event on July 1st featuring the film and an exclusive Q&A featuring Suzi Quatro and a Special Guest (available for 24 hours only) in advance of the film's traditional release on Video On Demand and DVD on July 3rd. To buy your ticket for the July 1st event powered by Altavod, visit:

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Suzi Quatro

Alice Cooper

Deborah Harry (Blondie)

Joan Jett (The Runaways)

Cherie Curry (The Runaways)

Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads)

Donita Sparks (L7)

Henry Winkler (Happy Days)

Mike Chapman (Producer/Songwriter)

Wendy James (Transvision Vamp)

Kathy Valentine (The GoGo's)

KT Tunstall

Patti Quatro (Sister/Musician)

Nancy Quatro (Sister/Musician)

Michael Quatro (Brother/Musician)

Rodney Bingenheimer (DeeJay/LA Scenester)

Len Tuckey (Ex-Husband/Guitarist)

Toby Mamis (Legendary US Music Publicist)

Dave Neal (Suzi Quatro Band)

Chris Frantz (Talking Heads)

Andy Scott (The Sweet)

Don Powell (Slade)

Garry Marshall (Happy Days Creator/Director)

Lita Ford (The Runaways)

Chris Most (Rak Records)

John Norwood Fisher (Fishbone)

Clem Burke (Blondie)

Sir Tim Rice (Composer)

Bill Harry (Legendary UK Music Publicist)

Ronnie Hallin (Happy Days Producer)

Shirley Roden (Playwright)

Tequila Mockingbird (LA Scenester)

Richard Tuckey (Suzi's Son)

Laura Tuckey (Suzi's Daughter)

Abbey Travis (Musician)

It was just unbelievable, you know, that thing where chills go through your body and you're just freaking out, because it's like, did I really just hear this? She was, you know, integral to me figuring out who I was, finding my own style…. and getting strength from her to do that.“ - Joan Jett

Suzi was raw. She came from a place so deep inside, so unmistakable, that she did far more than show that women could play music. She showed us that we could be who we were if we believed enough in ourselves. Because with Suzi, there was never a question.” – Cherie Currie

Shot on three continents, over 4 years, and featuring almost 400 pieces of archive footage (video, stills artifacts) and 42 songs.

Suzi Quatro - "The Wild One":

Suzi Quatro - "Can The Can":


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