The Riff with Jack Trash: Jeff Keith of Tesla

The Riff with Jack Trash is back today with very special guest Jeff Keith of Tesla! We talk new record, baseball walk up music, social distancing, and more. He’s one cool dude!! We’ve also got new music from Last In Line, Sammy Hagar & the Circle, Dirty Honey and Sons Of Silver, plus much more. Tune it in and turn it up!!! This episode of The Riff with Jack Trash originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio Thursday, April 2nd, 2020.


  1. Night Ranger - Rumours in the Air

  2. Last In Line - False Flag

  3. Tesla - Into the Now

  4. McAuley Schenker Group - Gimme Your Love

  5. Trent Reznor - Immigrant Song

  6. S.U.N - I Stole Your Love

  7. Tesla - Comfort Zone

  8. Rush - Passage to Bankok

  9. Sammy Hagar and the Circle - Funky Feng Shui

  10. Winger - Down Incognito

  11. Tesla - Solution

  12. Tesla - Changes

  13. Tesla - Tied to the Tracks

  14. Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy

  15. The Dead Daisies - Mainline

  16. Sons Of Silver - Wolrd on Fire

  17. Quiet Riot - Slick Black Cadillac

  18. Alter Bridge - Ties That BInd

  19. Tesla - Call it What You Want

  20. Tesla - Love Song

  21. Dirty Honey - Heartbreaker

  22. Halestorm - Bad Girl World

  23. Puddle of Mudd - Blurrry

  24. Saxon - Broken Hereos

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