The Riff with Jack Trash: Tara Lynch

Here is your official invitation to spend part of your day with us, The Riff with Jack Trash and our very special guest Tara Lynch. We talk about her new record, cool friends, and all from a very swanky location. We'll also play new music from Ozzy Osbourne and Black Swan, plus feature this week's "Rock n Rollympics" band Van Halen. And the obligatory much much more!! Tune it in and Turn it up!! This episode of The Riff with Jack Trash originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio Thursday, February 27th, 2020.


  1. D-A-D - Sleeping my day away

  2. Last In Line - Starmaker

  3. Ozzy Osbourne - Under the graveyard

  4. Extreme - Hip Today

  5. Saxon - You've Got Another Thing Coming

  6. Broken Teeth - Rock Bottom

  7. Tara Lynch - Banished From My Kingdom

  8. Brides of Destruction - Porclean Queen

  9. Van Halen - Eruption

  10. Van Halen - You Really Got me

  11. Van Halen - 5150

  12. Van Halen - Aftershock

  13. Van Halen - Mean Streets

  14. Tara Lynch - Evil Enough

  15. Guns n Roses - You're Crazy

  16. Black Swan - Immortal Soul

  17. AC/DC - TNT

  18. UFO - Cherry

  19. Blue Oyster Cult - ETI

  20. Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water

  21. Tara Lynch - Kringeworth

  22. Great White - On Your Knees

  23. Jeff Scott Soto - Soul Divine


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