The Riff with Jack Trash: Walter Ino of A Farewell To Kings...

The Riff with Jack Trash returns today with special guest, guitarist, keyboardist and producer Walter Ino. He's a busy guy and has 2 projects to talk about. A Farewell to Kings - A Salute to 4 Decades of Rush Music and Waiting For Monday. We will also feature our "Rock n Rollympics" band for this week Def Leppard, and play new music from Black Swan and of course much more!! So tune it in and turn it up!! This episode of The Riff with Jack Trash originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio Thursday, February 20th, 2020.


  1. Audioslave - Cochise

  2. Queesnryche - Resistance

  3. Black Swan - Johnny Came Marching

  4. Whitesnake - Bad Boys

  5. Black Stone Cherry - Can't You See

  6. White Lion - Radar Love

  7. Rush - Losing It

  8. W.E.T. - Rise Up

  9. Def Leppard - Another Hit and Run

  10. Def Leppard - Truth?

  11. Def Leppard - Paper Sun

  12. A Farewell To Kings - Huck Fin

  13. Sammy Hagar - Love Or Money

  14. Ratt - Looking for Love

  15. Tom Keifer - The Death of Me

  16. Skid Row - Piece of Me

  17. Slaughter - Up All Night

  18. Dan Reed - Ritual (live)

  19. Night Ranger - Sing Me Away (live)

  20. Waiting for Monday - Shattered Lives

  21. TMG (Tak Matsumoto Group) - Red White and Bullet Blues

  22. Rainbow - Stone Cold

  23. Rival Sons - Electric Man

  24. The Firm - Live in Peace


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