Tune in Friday (10/02) 3-6am MT /10am-1pm BST - House of Pain with Boy Pain

Nightwalkers, tune in this coming Friday Night (Oct 2nd ) to the House of Pain on for your Hard Rock and Metal Injection turning it up to 12 with a host of new releases (3-6am Mountain) 10am-1pm BST, of course in hour 2 featuring the NBUUCBs making waves with new releases from the likes of: Acts of Vengeance, Undamaged Destiny, ELECTRIC REVOLUTION, Counting Hours, Dead Demons Among Phantoms, Sinfool, Veritas Rock Band Unholy Desecration, MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN, Tormenta.

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3am – 6am mountain

10am - 1pm UK BST (GMT+1)

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