We're Getting in the Holiday Spirit Again!

It's December again! That means Pure Rock Radio are in the holiday spirit again!

It's time for the annual Pure Rock Radio "Holiday and Christmas playlist!" We play random Hard Rock, Punk and Heavy Metal Christmas and Holiday songs mixed into our "Regular Rotation & Requests" playlists (between hosted shows).

Get in the spirit with Twisted Sister, Helix, Sin City Sinners, Rob Halford, Halestorm, Owl Stretching (Jason Beiler), Death Dealer, Lords of the Trident, Syteria, Bulletboys, Faster Pussycat, Every Mothers Nightmare, Warrant, Ronnie James Dio, Anvil, Amon Amarth, GWAR, Kamelot, Korn, Rusty Eye, Steel Panther, Theocracy, Venom, Within Temptation, August Burns Red, Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), Black Label Society, Savage Henry and the Infamous One Pounders, Tarja, Thor, George Lynch, Glenn Hughes, LEAH and a whole lot more!!

Think we aren't playin' enough? then hit the automated Request section and pick some Holiday tunes yourself, putting YOU in control! All requests go immediately into our "Regular Rotation & Requests" playlist queue, to air in the order they came in anytime, day or night, between our hosted shows.

Every December for our entire quarter century history, we have included Christmas and Holiday music into our mix for the holiday season. We hope you enjoy!


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