Saskatoon ScreamFest III (Oct.27th & 28th, 2017)

   This is the first year that Saskatoon Screamfest accepted unsolicited applications. "This is a chance for local metal bands to cut their teeth in a selective event that is meant to showcase the true talent that is present in Saskatchewan metal artists", Says Dan Brown, one of the creators and organizers of the self-proclaimed one night mini-fest. "In some cases, with those metal bands that have seen success outside their local area, it is an opportunity to give back to the community that got them started."


   Saskatoon Screamfest is'nt your average metal festival.  In past years, it has been a one night Halloween party, attempting to showcase some of the best heavy bands that Saskatchewan has to offer; and costumes are encouraged!  It has featured such acts as SINGULARITY, IN RUIN, RAPTURE AND ASHES, and WCMA (Western Canadian Music Awards) nominated ALTARS OF GRIEF from Regina. Although featured bands had been limited to 5 in the past, the organizers hope that the submissions allow them to expand, and create a larger event. “The difference we want to see this year is bands of all levels getting involved. We hope to reach out to a higher tier of artist this year, getting some of the local legends involved. We want to make this something that the metal community can get behind as a whole, and really be proud of” says Dan Brown.

  Submissions were closed on March 31st, 2017. Festival headliners UNTIMELY DEMISE have been announced. A full festival  line-up TBA. A 2nd opening night exclusively featuring extreme metal genres like Black, Death, Doom, etc. was added with 2nd headliners LAVAGOAT to close the first night! Watch HERE for all performing bands soon!


Dan Brown (Saskatoon Screamfest)

Phone: (306) 290-7379

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SASKATOON SCREAMFEST II (2016) event poster.

Full Line-Up Announcement (Read More)

PURE ROCK RADIO is proud to be a sponsor of this LOCAL event!


Saskatoon Screamfest has enjoyed supporting local Saskatchewan Metal bands for the last 2 years, and hopes to continue to bring awesome Halloween themed shows to Saskatoon year after year. Costumes encouraged!!

Saskatoon's IN RUIN perform "Leech Keeper"* Live at Saskatoon Screamfest II (Louis Pub)

[*features studio audio]

photos courtesy of Netta Zanin Photography

Saskatoon's MAELSTROM VALE perform "Hedonic Treadmill" Live at Saskatoon Screamfest II (Louis Pub)

Saskatoon Screamfest III announces additional night to the festival, featuring  LAVAGOAT as  2nd headliners! (Read More)

Saskatoon Screamfest III release full festival line-up! (Read More)

Untimely Demise (Saskatoon)
Lavagoat (Saskatoon)
Hell Hounds (Regina)
Wrathed (Saskatoon)
Between Now and Then (Regina)
ChronoBot (Regina/Prince Albert/Saskatoon)
In Ruin (Saskatoon)
Thalass (Saskatoon)
Agony Spawn (Saskatoon)
Scythra (Regina)
Northern Fallout (Moose Jaw)

Saskatoon Screamfest III - Night 2
Saskatoon Screamfest III - Night 1
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