Stoner Witch Radio is the inevitable creative process that producer and host Melissa evolved into after spending several years in commercial radio. With a strong background in programming, writing and producing paired with her unquenchable thirst for the live music experience, Stoner Witch Radio has become an ode to her favorite bands, a platform for sharing her exploration into new music and an inspiration to get out and connect with the live experience. This show goes will with all strains. Music genres include doom, heavy psych, heavy blues, stoner rock, black metal, thrash and the classics.

Melissa Spence was born and raised in Canada and now lives in the US. She began making mixtapes as a child, was devoted to her favorite radio programs and DJ’s and is a child of the music television generation. Raised on rock n’ roll household thanks to her wonderful parents, she began experiencing live music at all ages shows at the age of 13 the same year she began playing guitar and jamming with friends. Instead of attending university after high school she devoted her life to the live music experience traveling to see her favorite bands. Finally she decided a desk job wasn’t for her and enrolled in media school to pursue a life in professional radio where she flourished for years in mainstream media. In 2015 she deiced to go underground and use her skills to develop her own show with complete creative control, Stoner Witch Radio was born and soon after Stoner Witch Records. Melissa is unapologetically herself and knows you’ll have a great time if you’re down for the ride!


Melissa Spence

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