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We're ALWAYS looking for new Hard Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Melodic, Hair/80's, Progressive, Stoner, Thrash, Death, Industrial, Glam, Classic, Arena/70's, Grunge, and anything else PURE ROCK! Independent or Major Label...if it just plain belongs on Pure Rock Radio.

NON-Hard Rock/Heavy Metal (or similar genre) submissions will be deleted IMMMEDITELY!


Please CLEARLY LABEL EACH SUBMISSION (Artist - Song - Album.mp3) OR (Artist - Album (Release Date).zip) for full submissions.

Send us a LINK (No attachments please) to your Complete .Zip file or .mp3(s) (Haulix, Google Drive, Dropbox etc) with your Album or Single(s) in .mp3 (320kbps)  or .Wav + Cover art (600x600) to See below for instructions on WHAT WE REQUIRE from ALL Submissions, plus HOW TO .ZIP your submissions.


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 537
Aberdeen, Sk., S0K0A0

First off, please note that we are not really a "Singles" station, and our preference is a FULL album if possible, since PURE ROCK RADIO is "Album" oriented. We realize, these days, a lot of artists are only releasing single by single, and not full albums as much. So we do accept singles that fit our format. As long as we aren't getting a new one every week, otherwise we prefer all the songs at once, so they can all be properly IDv3 tagged for air in one sitting. We will then bump each single (as it is released) into heavier rotation. Because of the huge volume of daily submissions, we prefer to tag each full album ONCE! Tagging one song or single at a time is much more time consuming and WILL delay your music from being put into rotation and our listeners ears!

Every submission requires a bit of work to properly ID tag (IDv3), add "buy" links (iTunes/Amazon), artist "homepage" links, and album artwork to every submission. Plus make sure the Artist / Song / Album info is correct (to show up in the "Now Playing" of our site/apps). Has no underscores, numbers in the song title, misspelling, etc.

Due to the VERY LARGE volume of weekly submissions, we WILL NOT visit blog sites, websites, Facebook pages, etc. to preview your music first or review your songs for you. It's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know if your music fits our station format (TuneIn to decide if your music belongs)! Since it doesn't cost anything to send a ZIP, we at least expect you to show a small amount of initiative for your music. Even if we don't accept your music for any reason (Quality, Wrong Format, etc.), all it costs you is time. We will ONLY accept or listen to submissions that are sent in the PROPER FORMAT (read/follow above). Any submissions that are not properly formatted may NOT BE ACCEPTED, or we may point you to THIS PAGE to submit in the proper format.

Send all links (no attachments) to your ZIPs or Download links to:

Note: We only accept submissions from artists that fit our heavy edged format, and will not consider submissions in the wrong formats (pop-rock, indie-rock, folk-rock, country-rock, instrumental albums etc.) or of poor audio quality and production. We stream in CD Quality.


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