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  The Riff with Jack Trash is about all things Rock n Roll and our love for it. We talk to the Rock Stars and get answers to the questions you want to know and answers to questions you didn't know you wanted to know. We also want to talk to you, the fans, and find out what artists you love and why you love them. Rock is supposed to be fun...So let's go have some fun!!! The Riff with Jack Trash is not just a radio show. A Television show is in the works and will be part of The Riff community online.


  Jack has been on the air playing his favorite rock songs for over a quarter century. Spending 8 years at the legendary KNAC FM in Los Angeles. There, lifetime relationships were formed with co-workers, musicians, and most importantly the listeners. Jack has been with Pure Rock Radio for a few years now, with no sign of stopping! So turn it up and live your life to 11!!


Jack Trash

Jack Trash

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